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Obligatory insurance for Cuba

If you are preparing your dreamed trip to Cuba, there are some things you must know in order to avoid unwanted surprises. One of them is that you need to acquire obligatory travel insurance so your entrance to the island can be allowed without any problems.

Once you arrive to the airport, you will have to show your insurance policy to the Cuban migration authorities, along other required documents, like your visa.

Why travel insurance for Cuba is obligatory?

From the 1st of May of 2010, there’s a rule that obliges all foreigners and Cubans residing in other countries to show a health insurance policy when arriving to the island; otherwise they’ll have to pay a fine and buy obligatory insurance directly from the government.

This will probably be much more expensive, than if you buy your protection plan from any of the travel insurance companies we work with at TheTravelInsurers.com.

Not just compulsory, but also necessary

Cuba is a very attractive destination, not just because of its beautiful beaches, for also due to its characteristic political situation.

Besides, even though medicine in Cuba is very advanced and the hospitals provide high quality services; medical attention is not free for foreigners, but very expensive.

And this is precisely why it's not just compulsory, but also necessary, to buy insurance for Cuba. This way, in case you get sick while being on the island, all medical expenses will be completely covered by the company you hired and you won’t have to spend not even an extra cent.

Other services included in this policy are: assistance in case of baggage loss, repatriation of mortal remains, 24-hour travel assistance, urgent message relay to family, among many more benefits.

So now that you know all of this, wait no longer and quote, compare and buy -at TheTravelInsurers.com- the obligatory insurance for Cuba you need!

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