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Travel insurance companies

At TheTravelInsurers.com you'll be able to find travel insurance plans managed by around 20 different companies. The organizations we work with lead the travel insurance market, so if you hire your policy with us, we guaranteed you’ll enjoy the best travel assistance services there are!


It doesn’t matter where you’re going or when, we know we have the option you’re looking for, as we offer more than 450 travel insurance plans, which you can purchase online, just by quoting, comparing and buying through our secure online system, using the payment method of your preference.  

The insurance companies that provide their services through us are also fully recognized all around the world and meet the requirements of the European and Cubans authorities, who demand foreign travelers to hire travel insurance policies if they want to enter any of the Schengen countries or the so called Caribbean gem.

The best part about selecting TheTravelInsurers.com to purchase your travel insurance it’s that you won’t have to go for the first option available, as through our system you can compare among a wide range of protection plans to finally choose the one that truly meets your needs.

Some of the travel insurance companies we work with, are:  

  • Cardinal Assistance: This company has presence everywhere in Latin America, but it also has an international scope.
  • Europ Assistance: The Europ Assistance Group was founded in France in 1963 and has more than 35 subsidiaries worldwide.
  • Axa Assistance: This organization belongs to the AXA Group Subsidiary, of French origin, and has offices in 39 countries.
  • Travel Ace Assistance: This company belongs to the IMAS Group and has over 25 years providing assistance to international travelers.
  • Travel Guard: Travel Guard Americas AIG Group Inc. is the leading travel assistance organization from the United States.

To know a bit more about these travel insurance companies and about the many more that work with us, just keep browsing through our web page, so you can decide which one you prefer to give you the protection you need!

Trust in TheTravelInsurers.com and quote, compare and buy right now the travel insurance you're looking for! 

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