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Travel Guard


Travel Guard has been offering international travel assistance services for 25 years.

25 years ago Travel Guard was established in North America with the aim of providing assistance services to international travelers around the world. Today, this company is one of the USA’s leaders in this field as it covers more than 6 million people every year.  


According to what it can be read on its webpage, Travel Guard specializes “in providing innovative travel insurance, assistance and emergency travel service plans for millions of travelers and thousands of companies throughout the world”.

Among the coverages included in this company’s plans we can name: trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, medical expenses, baggage loss and so on.

Assistance 24/7

As every travel assistance company we work with, this one provides customer and care services 24 hours a day, the whole year round. This means that no matter when your emergency occurs, you will always be assisted and get the help you are requiring.

This organizacion's service Centers are active 24/7, so at whatever time you make your phone call; you will for sure receive the attention you need. This company’s emergency centers are located in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Plans managed by Travel Guard

Among the plans managed by this insurer that you can purchase here, we can name: 

  • Platinum.
  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Basic.
  • Business traveler.
  • Annual plan.
  • Flight guard.
  • Among others. 

To know which one of these policies is right for you, simply use the tools we’ve set at your y disposal on our web page to help you choose the perfect protection plan.

First, make your own quotation filling the form you’ll find at the top of this page. Then, compare the options we’ll present you and last but not least, buy online the travel insurance of your preference.

To travel with the right protection, trust in TheTravelInsurers.com and let us protect you along Travel Guard!

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