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Coris April Assistance



Coris April Assistance is a company that provides travel assistance services since 1988. 

Coris Assistance, also known as April Assistance, is an insurance company that offers its services to travelers from all around the world at TheTravelInsurers.com. It was founded in 1988 and to the date operates in a total of 34 countries.


The organization specializes in managing and distributing “insurance solutions and assistance services for private individuals, professionals and businesses, covering life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, mobility as well as legal protection/services”.

Coris April Assistance in numbers

To the date, the company has: 

  • Operations in 34 countries.
  • 20% gross margin produced outside France.
  • 20.000 distributors worldwide.
  • 187 agencies in France.
  • 3.800 staff members.
  • 766.3 million euros as 2014 consolidated turnover. 

Coris April Assistance offers a wide range of travel insurance plans. Among them we can find:

  • Expat insurance.
  • Working abroad insurance.
  • International student health insurance.
  • Working holiday visa insurance.
  • Schengen insurance, etc.

How can I know which policy to buy?

At TheTravelInsurers.com we have set at your disposal a series of online tools to help you choose the perfect plan for your trip.

The first tool is the quotation form. Use it to indicate the characteristics of your trip, so our system can make a quick selection of the policies that fit your needs. Then, look at the options we’ll present you, select the ones you like and compare them using our online comparison tool.

This instrument helps you see which are the coverages, the scopes and costs of the plans you’ve selected. Like this it will be a lot easier to make a decision. Once you clear your mind, buy the perfect travel insurance for you at TheTravelInsures.com.

Remember that here you’ll find any of the policies provided by Coris April Assistance, so trust in us and let us protect you anywhere and anytime.  

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