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Compulsory travel insurance

When traveling, we never think something bad may occur, but in reality we are always exposed to go through unforeseen situations, especially when we are far from home. That’s why it is always recommended to purchase a protection plan when traveling. But note that to visit some countries you must also acquire compulsory travel insurance.


You may be wondering why. And it’s simply because there are nations that prefer travelers to be prepared in the face of any inconvenience they may go through.

Among the nations that demand travelers to take obligatory insurance with them, we can name: all Schengen countries and Cuba.

European rule

Most European countries are part of something called the Schengen territory, which was formed in 1985, when around 20 nations signed an agreement to open all internal borders, but to close all the externals.

This is how Schengen citizens have completely free mobility throughout the whole area, but the entrance it is restricted to all foreigners, who are asked to fulfill a series of requirements in order to have their entrance allowed.

And precisely one of those requirements is a compulsory travel insurance policy, which should be presented to the migration authorities at the moment of the arrival.   

Cuban order

Now, in case you’re thinking of going to a more tropical destination, like -for example- Cuba, you must also take with your obligatory travel insurance.

This is a requirement that the Cuban government asks not only to all foreign travelers, but also to every Cuban that resides in another country.

Also, bear in mind that, in order to be valid, insurance for Cuba should cover: medical assistance expenses, sanitary or funerary repatriation and legal assistance for a minimum scope of 10.000 American dollars each. 

While in Europe it is required that the insurance covers the same three services mentioned above, but for 30.000 euros or more.

The good news is that whether if you’re going to Europe or Cuba, here -at TheTravelInsurers.com- you’ll be able to buy your compulsory travel insurance at the best price on the market! Trust and let us protect you anytime and anywhere!

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