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Tablet insurance

Who doesn’t love their gadgets? We’re pretty sure everyone does, that’s why we invest so much money buying those tech objects! And that’s also why we recommend you to purchase tablet insurance in case you’re traveling abroad with your favorite personal gadget.


When we own a tablet, we use it almost all the time, especially when we’re traveling, as the long hours we can spend on airplanes, trains or buses tend to be tiring and boring.

Besides, sometimes we also eat or drink while we use our gadget, not being aware that the food or beverage can spill all over, damaging it.   

Nevertheless, if you count with an insurance policy and this happens, you’ll be able to have a brand new tablet in your hands without having to spend an extra cent.

How do table insurance works?

After the purchase of your policy is made, an email will be sent to your inbox. There you’ll find the Terms and Conditions of the insurance plan, as well as the phone number you should dial in case something happens.

You can use this insurance in case of:

  • Liquid damage.
  • Theft.
  • Accidental damage.
  • Fire and flood.
  • Cracked screens.

So if any of the things mentioned above occurs to your tablet, take your phone and give the insurance company a call. They will immediately attend to your problem, and you’ll be able to instantly take your tablet to repair, or you'll get a new one in case the damage is irreparable.

Why to choose TheTravelInsurers.com?

Because on our web page you’ll be able to compare more than 450 plans, managed by around 20 different insurance companies. This means that here you will for sure find the exact protection you’re looking for.

At TheTravelInsurers.com our aim is to protect you and your belongings, that’s why we ask you to trust in us and acquire here the tablet insurance you need! 

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