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Sports equipment insurance

If during your holidays you’re planning to practice some sort of sport and you’re taking with you all the objects you need to do it, we advise you to purchase sports equipment insurance, as we know how valuable this may be.


Bear in mind that thousands of bags get lost every year, some of them are found and return to the owners within a reasonable period of time, but others simply never appear again.

These losses occur for many reasons. Sometimes the airline forgets your back in the previous airport if you were doing, for example, a flight with several stops and, some others, what happens is that your bag -or several of the items inside of it- are stolen.

So as these cases-scenarios tend to be common, the option to keep your belongings safe is to acquire sports equipment insurance prior to your departure date.

Among the specialized services included in this insurance coverage,  we can name:  

  • Lost baggage search.
  • Stolen luggage replacement assistance.
  • Emergency cash transfer assistance.
  • ATM locator.
  • Compensation in case of stolen/loss baggage, etc.

How can I purchase this  insurance?

At TheTravelInsurers.com you can quote, compare and buy your own plan all by yourself. All you have to do is: fill the form you’ll find at the top of this page, compare the options we’ll present and -once you’ve made the decision about which policy to acquire- buy it online through our secure payment system.

Nevertheless, another way to buy your insurance is to give us a call or contact us through any of our communication channels. You’ll be attended by one of our professional advisors, who will answer all the queries you may have and help you in the purchase of your perfect travel insurance.  

At TheTravelInsurers.com all we want is to keep you and your belongings protected at all times, to help us do it, acquire here the sports equipment insurance you need!

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