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"I would´ve never imagined purchasing a service on Internet and at this company, but I got the best assistance. From the very beginning I felt that they knew what I needed, and that´s what they gave me, the best advice. Luckily, I didn´t have to use the insurance, but I got a very good price and the coverage exceeded visa requirements"

Alejandro, 53. Córdoba.


"I feel satisfied with the advice I received when I asked for it, from the policy purchase (I had some restrictions and specific needs), up to its use, because nothing in your life can be more  reassuring than having insurance to cover your needs and those of the ones we love"

Mercedes, 27. Santiago de Chile.   


"We want to thank this company for having provided us information on each of the possible problems we could encounter during the trip since, unfortunately, many of them occurred. But you made us feel at home when we most needed it, we would also like to thank you because we received the best assistance"

Marcos and Julia, 49 and 51. Mexico DF.


"At first, when we started planning the trip with my family, we had asked for a travel insurance quotation at the travel agency, but they only offered us only one option. Luckily, we hired you and this is the reason why we want to thank you because your assistance was top-quality. We had to use the insurance for a little inconvenience and the assistance exceeded our expectations. Thank you" 

Martín and Sofía, 36 and 38. Caracas.


"We had planned this trip together with my wife three years before and everything was perfect, from the transport you hired at the airport up to the arrival of all the people who took part in the event, even Dr. Franchard"

Santiago and Maria, 29 and 31. Maracaibo


"The seven nights we spent at the Peninsula were really amazing and all the trip was as we had dreamed it before getting married. We didn´t have to use the insurance, but thank you for the information and the little present. Agile and speedy service"

Mariana and Francisco, 43 and 50. Bogotá.


"My five-year-old daughter caught a virus and for that reason she had to be hospitalized urgently. We didn´t have any issues regarding medical expenses and hospitalization services. I submitted documents for a medication reimbursement and I was given the money back in my credit card. More than expected"

Juan Pablo, 38. Buenos Aires.


"We can only thank you for the assistance you gave us when we lost the documents at the airport. What a terrible mishap!"

Sebastián and Jimena, 28 and 26. Quito.


"We are completely satisfied for having counted with you in our last trip to Cairo. It was the first time we purchased travel insurance with  you and from now on we will always do it, thanks for everything, assistance and coverage"

Antonio and Juana, 42 and 45. Valparaíso.


"We can´t find enough words to express our feeling of gratitude. Thanks for having made us change our mind and purchase what you recommended us. We thank you on behalf of the whole group. You are not only an agent or a broker, you guarantee the rendering of services and “human” assistance"

Anabela, 39. Medellín.

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