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Corporate travel insurance


For some companies is common to send their executives abroad. On some occasions they travel to be trained with foreign knowledge, others to seal important business deals and so on. So if you’re in charge of an organization that sends their workers abroad with frequency, then you should acquire corporate travel insurance.


To purchase this product, all you have to do is quote, compare and buy, at the best price of the market, the protection plan you need, only here at TheTravelInsurers.com.

Note that corporate trips are very different from pleasure trips, because the needs of executive workers will never be the same as the needs of eager tourists excited about knowing new places. 

That’s why the insurance companies that work with us have designed specific policies for these kinds of trips.

Insurance's charactheristics

There’s no just one corporate travel insurance, but many. Nevertheless, all of them were designed to function more than once, because they’re valid for 365 days.

This way, it doesn’t matter when the executive is traveling or for how long, he or she will always be covered by the insurance policy purchased by the organization for which they work.

Another great thing about this plan is that it can be used by any executive. If the company was going to send abroad one of their workers to make a negotiation, but at the end is another person who gets to go, there won’t be a problem at all, because any worker can be covered by this policy.

Included coverage

  • Medical expense for sickness or accident.
  • Emergency medical evacuation. 
  • Repatriation.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Medication.
  • Travel/Baggage delay.
  • Legal expenses.
  • Loss or damage of personal luggage and/or documents.
  • Personal liability.
  • Among others.  

So if you’re sending your executives abroad anytime soon; quote, compare and buy at TheTravelInsurers.com the corporate travel insurance your employees need! It'll be the right decision to make.

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