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Required vaccinations to travel


Sometimes when traveling, it’s necessary to be vaccinated to avoid contagion from diseases like yellow fever, hepatitis and typhoid. 

To the date, the only vaccine that is compulsory under International Health Regulation is the one against yellow fever, as this illness is present in many countries around the world, especially in Africa, the south of Asia and South America.


So if you’re traveling to -for example- Brazil, before the date of your departure you must be vaccinated, if you still aren’t. Note that yellow fever protection is valid for a period of 10 years.

Among your travel documents, include an International Certificate of Vaccination. Migrations authorities may ask you to show at your arrival to your destination.

If you’re going, instead, to countries like the United Kingdom, France or Canada, there’s no need to be vaccinated.

Recommended protection

The vaccines we’ll name ahead aren’t compulsory, nevertheless, as it’s always better to prevent, we recommend travelers to have it.

  • Hepatitis: Is a viral disease transmitted via fecal and oral. It’s present in both developing and developed countries.

  • Cholera: Is an infection of the small intestine, which causes severe vomits and diarrhea. It’s found in Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

  • Influenza: Is an infectious disease known as “the flu”. It’s common during the winter and spring in the northern and southern hemispheres. But, in tropical places, the influenza can occur throughout the year.   

  • Polio: Is an infectious disease that causes muscle weakness and inability to move. It’s endemic in Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.     

  • Tetanus: Is a serious infection that produces muscle spasms throughout the whole body. They can be so severe that even bone fractures may occur. It‘s present worldwide, but with emphasis on developing countries.

  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella: One single vaccination can protect you from all these three diseases. They’re found worldwide.  

  • Typhoid: Is a disease cause by Salmonella bacteria. It’s found in Asia, Africa and South America.

  • Meningococcal Meningitis: Causes fever, intense headache and vomit. Epidemics occur frequently in the Sub-Saharan region and the south of Africa.

  • Diphtheria: Is a contagious illness that affects the respiratory system. It’s present worldwide, but it’s more common in developing nations.   

To know more about required vaccinations to travel, visit the CDC’s webpage.

And remember that, at TheTravelInsurers.com, our aim is to keep you informed and protected at all times!

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